Hamner Law Offices was formed in 2005.  We are a small firm of litigators who concentrate labor class action and consumer rights litigation.

We represent both hourly workers and salaried professionals for claims of unpaid wages and overtime, expense reimbursement and misclassification, piecemeal or flag time violations, severance and layoff issues, and claims for discrimination, harassment or retaliation.

We also represent California consumers in matters involving false advertising, consumer fraud and other unlawful business conduct.

Hamner Law Offices has been named lead or co-lead counsel on many significant labor and consumer class actions.  We are proud that our legal work has lead to many noteworthy payouts to aggrieved consumers and workers.

We have offices in Los Angeles and Palo Alto.


Our Case Against Uber

Our firm has recently filed 2 class actions on behalf of Uber drivers.

We seek minimum wage and overtime for Uber drivers who qualify.  We have also asserted that Uber drivers are owed reimbursement for gas, just as other drivers doing similar work receive.

If you are a current or former Uber driver and are interested in learning why you may be owed money from Uber for unpaid minimum wage, overtime and gas reimbursement, please call or contact us.

Protecting The Rights of Delivery and Long-Haul Drivers

Our law firm represents drivers who are positions which pay per delivery, per mile, ​or ​per load or “piece meal”​ rates.​  ​This is not fair, and may not be legal​.  In many cases, California drivers​ must be paid hourly, and for overtime, for every our worked.  If you think you are not being paid properly for all the time you are ​in the truck​, please ​contact us for an immediate and confidential review of your case.