Hamner Law Offices was formed in 2005. We are a small firm of litigators who concentrate on labor and consumer rights litigation.

Our law firm represents California consumers who have been cheated or defrauded. We bring class actions for false advertising, consumer fraud and other unlawful business conduct.

We also represent both hourly workers and salaried professionals for claims of unpaid wages and overtime, expense reimbursement and misclassification, piecemeal or flag time violations, severance and layoff issues, and claims for discrimination, harassment or retaliation.

Hamner Law Offices has been named lead or co-lead counsel on many significant labor and consumer class actions and have litigated many noteworthy payouts to aggrieved consumers and workers. Our office is located in Calabasas.

Commercial Drivers Should Not Be Classified As Independent Contractors

We believe commercial and passenger drivers in California must be paid hourly, must be reimbursed for fuel and mileage, and cannot be classified as “independent contractors.”  Our law firm represents drivers who have been paid per delivery, per mile, per load, or “piece meal” rates, instead of the proper way, which is hourly, plus overtime.  Don’t be fooled by employers who tell you different.  If you are not being paid hourly for your driving work in California, you may have a claim for unpaid wages and reimbursement.

Many delivery drivers are paid a “salary” based on an 8 hour day, but are given 10 to 12 hours worth of delivery work. Under California law, with few exceptions, drivers must be paid for all time worked. If you are not being paid for every hour of driving work you do, please contact us for an immediate and confidential review of your case.

Are You Owed Late or Unpaid Wages or Overtime?

Unfortunately many employers take advantage of their employees when when it is time to pay wages and overtime. The California legislature has enacted strict laws against such conduct by employers. If the employer does not pay its California employees timely, for all work performed, California has strong laws in place to penalize the employer.

This policy is codified in Labor Code section 203 and related California codes and regulation. Under section 203:

(a) If an employer willfully fails to pay, without abatement… any wages of an employee who is discharged or who quits, the wages of the employee shall continue as a penalty from the due date thereof at the same rate until paid or until an action therefor is commenced; but the wages shall not continue for more than 30 days…

If this has happened to you, please contact us to discuss.


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